Our team consists of more than 50 permanent employees spread out over our four branches and with the head office including the software development in Hanover. The team is completed by student assistants and at times we are supported by freelancers.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Beeneken+49-511 97193-41Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lindenberg+49-351 82649-57Business card
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schneider+49-511 97193-43Business card
Project processing and consulting
Ahmad Bariq Allemyar, M. Sc.+49 511 97193-59Business card
Lukas Bargel, M. Sc.+49 511 97193-72Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Diekmann+49-511 97193-36Business card
Dipl.-Hydrol. Ulrich Egger+49-511 97193-34Business card
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Fitzner-Pukade+49-511 97193-53Business card
Katharina Fuchs, M. Sc.+49 511 97193-75Business card
Holger Greven+49-511 97193-31Business card
Thorsten Holzinger+49-511 97193-13Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Hurlebusch+49-511 97193-44Business card
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Krämerauthorized officer+49-511 97193-38Business card
Hanna Leberke, M. Sc.+49 511 97193-65Business card
Honghao Li, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-50Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lindenberg+49-351 82649-57Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Siegmund Maciossek+49-511 97193-35Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Stefanie Maßmann+49-511 97193-49Business card
Phuong Nguyen, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-24Business card
Chiyan Peng, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-33Business card
Dr.-Ing. Imke Radtke+49-511 97193-29Business card
Hengameh Saadlou, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-26Business card
Nane Schmidt, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-54Business card
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schneider+49-511 97193-43Business card
Patrick Schönfeld, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-74Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Sommer+49-511 97193-37Business card
Robert Sämann, M. Sc.+49 511 97193-20Business card
Renyuan Wang, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-69Business card
Software development
Specialist-inzener Artem Branitsyn+49-511 97193-67Business card
Tobias Brauner+49-511 97193-71Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Werner Fell+49-511 97193-15Business card
Petra Flügge+49-511 97193-17Business card
Tobias Höft+49-511 97193-14Business card
Annabelle Iwannek, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-58Business card
Julius Kolbe, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-73Business card
Lasse Laube+49 511 97193-80Business card
Max Nebauer+49 511 97193-27Business card
Przemyslaw Olejniczak, M. Sc.+49-511 97193-18Business card
Dipl.-Math. Claudia Scheffer+49-511 97193-22Business card
Matthias Schilder+49-511 97193-39Business card
Uwe Schneider+49 511 97193-76Business card
Marco Spönemann+49 511 97193-52Business card
Technical editing and documentation
Dipl.-Ing. Simone Störr+49-511 97193-16Business card
Maik Thurmann+49 511 97193-60Business card
System administration
Carsten Burmester+49-511 97193-48Business card
Lars Ernst+49-511 97193-19Business card
Data Protection Officer
Tobias Brauner+49-511 97193-71Business card
Wolfgang Stegnitz+49 511 97193-46Business card
Technical drawings
Meike Grotewold+49 511 97193-40Business card
Anja Schade+49 511 97193-45Business card
Marion Szirnicks+49 511 97193-47Business card
Nicole Mayer+49 511 971930Business card
Karin Witolla+49 511 971930Business card
Sabine Schusterauthorized officer+49 511 97193-23Business card
Hotline and support
Thomas Severidt+49 511 97193-70Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lindenberg+49-351 82649-57Business card
Project processing and consulting
Reinhard Bothe, M. Sc.+49 351 82649-53Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Tim Fröhlich+49-351 82649-59Business card
Dipl.-Hydrol. Peter Gocht+49-351 82649-63Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Günther+49-351 82649-52Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Helge Günther+49-351 82649-55Business card
Nico Herzog, M. Sc.+49 351 82649-61Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lindenberg+49-351 82649-57Business card
Juan Carlos Sánchez Ramírez, M. Sc.+49 351 82649-66Business card
Dr.-Ing. Katja Seggelke+49-351 82649-58Business card
Dipl.-Ing. Kornelia Seifert+49-351 82649-62Business card
Benjamin Wagner, M. Sc.+49-351 82649-64Business card
Technical drawings
Margrit Berger+49-351 82649-51Business card
Jenny Gräfe+49-351 82649-50Business card


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