Surface discharge of stormwater and stormwater drainage

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Because of frequent inundations, the analysis of potential flood impacts is gaining more and more of importance. Therefore, decreasing the potential damage by working out sustainable flooding solutions is essential. Especially the nature-orientated drainage as well as the use of rainwater are basic parts of the urban water management. The utilization of modelling tools gives information on flood risk and potential flood zones and allows an effective flood protection.

Focus of activity

  • Planning close to nature – blue-green technology
  • Conception of rainwater utilization systems
  • Determination of possible flood risks
  • Development of concepts  to prevent damage


  • Hydrological simulations
  • Dimensioning and verification of storm water retention and infiltration systems
  • Flood assessment and risk assessment:
    • Flooding analysis (GIS-based, 2D simulations, coupled 1D-2D simulations) (Demo-Film)
  • Monitoring system for rainfall and flow/water level measurements
  • Analysis of rainfall and radar rainfall data