Project control & consulting

By introducing working guidelines for sewer system rehabilitation the public building authorities presented an extensive amount of guidelines concerning the quality assurance of sewage technology. In particular, they include planning services, construction work and operational performances. The itwh GmbH actively assisted this process and provided conceptual and organizational inputs.

Due to a lack of human resources, the public building authorities often cannot cover the specific project supervision and monitoring according to the specific guidelines. Therefore, the itwh GmbH offers competent support in the application of these guidelines and ensures the success of a project.

Focus of activity

  • Processing VOF compliant tender procedures
  • Municipal consulting services
  • Project management of complex projects
  • Administration of real estate regarding numerous single properties


  • Development and application of project control software
  • Supplement management
  • Delay management (e. g. ticketing system)
  • Training courses on working guideline


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