Hydro-dynamic simulation of sewer systems

HYSTEM-EXTRAN is the classic option for hydro-dynamic simulation of sewer systems: in the complete re-visited version 8 (among others) this expands for simulating pollutant loads coming from the surface. Use HYSTEM-EXTRAN for proving hydraulic efficiency, for example for master plans, as well as for new planning and replanning of sewer networks.

Functionalities of the software

With the hydro-dynamic rainwater, runoff and pollution load system HYSTEM-EXTRAN, sewer system simulations with design storms as well as long-term series simulations can be carried out. Besides the classic sewer system simulations, HYSTEM-EXTRAN can be used even in other related fields, thanks to its flexible structure. Combined with the rule interpreter CONTROL, control strategies for sewer systems, for example, can be developed and checked.

This clearly-arranged software concept contains the following modules:

  • HYSTEM-EXTRAN-Editor: graphically supported model mapping with various import interfaces for data transfer.
  • HYSTEM-EXTRAN-Simulation: Initiation, monitoring and control of simulations.
  • HYSTEM-EXTRAN-Viewer: Evaluation of the results in tables, longitudinal sections, hydrographs and configurable PDF reports.

HYSTEM-EXTRAN supports the following simulation methods:

  • ZEBEV: time coefficient according to the DWA-A 118 worksheet
  • HYSTEM: Surface runoff generation and runoff concentration
  • EXTRAN: Hydrodynamic sewer system simulation including pollutant load simulation Distributed calculations: Automated distribution of extensive calculations to the company network.

HYSTEM-EXTRAN stores all incoming data (network data, rainfall data, special profiles, etc) in a model database and all simulation results in a results database. Results databases from various simulation runs can be easily compared. The connection to the graphical modules GIPS and FOG is thus implemented. So, HYSTEM-EXTRAN results and findings can be used, for example, for large-scale themes and further evaluations.

(HYSTEM-EXTRAN is also availabe in Chinese language!)

Additional Information

System requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 (64-Bit)

  • For network operations: MS Windows Server (other by request), directory with full site access for all users.
  • Hardware requirements that correspond to that of the operating system used.

Prices and Services

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