Surface water quality

The demand for clean water as a resource is increasing. For this reason the EU Water Framework Directive strives for improvement of the ecological and chemical condition of all waters. A river basin management plan is to be set up considering various aspects. Especially the discharge of wastewater treatment plants as well as the discharge of wastewater from the sewer system during a heavy rain event can have a great impact on the water quality. The first step to prove the status of waters is to display the emissions in detail.

Focus of activity

  • Substantiation of emissions according to the water framework directive
  • Concepts for target-oriented pollution reduction


  • Evaluation of emissions into surface waters and of water quality
  • Evidence concerning the compliance according to German regulations like BWK-M3 and M7, DWA-M 153
  • Determination and evaluation of boundary system conditions
  • Compiling an overall model of sewer system, WWTP and water body for an integrated approach
  • Concepts to meet the limit immission values
  • Processing water right applications


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