Rainfall-runoff model for continuous quantity and quality simulations

KOSIM is a well-established and state-of-the-art rainfall-runoff model for continuous quantity and quality simulations on Windows platforms.

KOSIM will be available in Chinese.

Functionalities of the software

Because of the dynamics of rainfall events, runoff processes are constantly changing. KOSIM allows to analyze runoff processes in detail considering spatial as well as temporal aspects. It calculates flow rates and other deducible values and is able to detect system deficiencies and even optimize the system. Several types of storage buildings are supported, e. g. stormwater overflows, stormwater retention basins and infiltration ponds. They can be designed and their effectiveness within the system can be verified. Different standards and regulations suggest or even claim to use continuous long-term simulation for the verification of sewer systems. KOSIM allows system verifications according to DWA (ATV) standards A 138, A 117 and M 178.

KOSIM consists of differemt modules:

  • Dimensioning/verification of combined sewers and storage buildings
  • Verification of troughs, trenches, cisterns for rainwater use and stormwater retention ponds/basins
  • Optimization module for the sensitivity and optimization of sewer systems

KOSIM‘s major features are:

  • Pre-defined rainfall-runoff parameters for all area types; Pre-defined parameters for dryweather flow and pollution loads
  • Unlimited number of system objects and user-defined parameters
  • Variable spatial rainfall distribution and backwater effects
  • Variable stormwater pollution considering material accumulation and erosion
  • Sensitivity calculations, i. e. evaluation of the system’s behavior after modifying specific values; Semi-automatic optimization of any system by defining a specific target value for pollution load, overflow volume, or size
  • Structured user interface with task-related views and context-sensitive input options
  • Result output in HTML (overview) or PDF (reports with user-defined layout).

(KOSIM 7 is availabe in Chinese language soon!)

Additional Information

System requirements

  • Operating systems: Windows 7 to Windows 10 ( 32-/64-Bit), .NET-Framework 4.6 (will be installed if required)
  • For network operations: MS Windows Server (other by request), directory with full site access for all users.
  • Hardware requirements that correspond to that of the operating system used.

Prices and Services

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