Wastewater collection in sewer systems

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The hydraulic dimensioning of a sewer system is indispensable for an efficient urban and private drainage. For that reason, the optimization measures of sewer systems concerning impoundage and flooding is needed. Aiming for a minimization of combined sewer overflow into the receiving waters and a safe regulation after impoundage in the sewer system technical measures have to be taken. During construction planning a wastewater disposal concept is developed (and implemented) containing specific technical measures.

Focus of activity

  • Remediation plans for urban sewer systems
  • Hydraulic and substance-related verifications (pollution-load-simulations)
  • Real-time control concepts of urban drainage systems
  • Risk assessment and evaluation of possible impact of heavy rain events
  • Flood protection concepts for sewer systems
  • Concepts for the reduction of extraneous water


  • Development of  master plans for urban drainage systems
  • Create sustainable concepts for sewage, extraneous water and storm water disposal
  • Hydrodynamic simulation of sewer systems (HYSTEM-EXTRAN)
  • Hydrological and hydrodynamic pollution load calculations (KOSIM, HYSTEM-EXTRAN)
  • Integrated 1D/2D simulation of sewer systems and flooding (HYSTEM-EXTRAN 2D)
  • Dimensioning and proof of flood pumping stations
  • Optimization of the waste water inflow into the waste water treatment plant (WWTP)
  • Monitoring concepts for rainfall and flow/water level measurements
  • Set-up and calibrate sewer system models


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